It’s a booooooook!

Look what came in the mail! The first copy of HOMEROOM HEADHUNTERS just arrived and it is a thing of hardback beauty.

This week marked the first time ever — ever! — that I read from HOMEROOM HEADHUNTERS in front of a captive audience (captive in the sense that they had been kidnapped). The folks at Elephant Run District were kind enough to invite me to take part in their Stampede Lab, where artists are asked to present a short excerpt of something new that they’re working on. I decided to take advantage of the offer and try out THE TRIBE for a live crowd.

Here’s proof. Somebody took a photo from the audience. Looks like a fuzzy-photoed Bigfoot sighting if you ask me:

I read around fifteen — okay, more like twenty — minutes worth of the book and it zipped by. Talk about a blast. We got to hear Spencer Pendleton, the book’s wiseacre narrator, fumble and holler all over the place. We got to wander through the hallways of Greenfield Middle in the dead of the night when nobody else was around. We got to wreak havoc, Tribal-style!

All I can say is… Book tour is going to be blast. Who wants some?

April 7, 2013

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“A dark and paranoid version of small-town America, SCKBSTD is a highly ambitious effort to create what has become a rare find in theater—a musical with a plot or, at the very least, a story line… SCKBSTD is the most ambitious and challenging new work of the current theater season. Broadway hasn’t had a show like it in a while.”
— The Virginian-Pilot


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