Lazaretto is on’s “Best Spooky Comics for Halloween!”

Lazaretto is on’s “Best Spooky Comics for Halloween!” just put together their list of the “Best Spooky Comics For Halloween.” Lo and behold, look who's right there at the top… LAZARETTO!

“Combining Lord of the Flies with 28 Days Later and Contagion, Lazaretto locks you in and makes you claustrophobic and sick (in a good way). Written by horror great Clay McLeod Chapman, with Jey Levang on art and Aditya Bidikar on letters, Lazaretto plants itself in you and refuses to let go.”

We whole-heartedly agree. You can check out the list by clicking here. The trade paperback of the entire series will be on shelves this December! Just in time for Christmas!

October 22, 2018

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