Fruits of our LABOR PAINS

The critics are digging this year's Pumpkin Pie Show: LABOR PAINS. Here's what folks have had to say thus far:

The Pumpkin Pie Show is "scary and engrossing... Parenting has never been dissected so closely or seemed so chilling... Storytelling of the highest caliber." -- Theatre Scene

"Clay McLeod Chapman is a modern day bard... [A] mad scientist of words and the stage." -- Manhattan With A Twist

"Each story is a mini tour-de-force..." The Pumpkin Pie Show is "like something out of a 80s Wes Craven movie." -- My Entertainment World

The Pumpkin Pie Show's "fast-paced, quick witted litany of words and emotions skyrocketed the audience to another dimension." -- Malinism

We close this weekend. Only 3 more performances to go! See you there!

October 6, 2015

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“Clay McLeod Chapman speaks in tongues. Not the holy roller Pentecostal tongues – though there’s some of that fire-and-brimstone licking the underbelly of his words – but the tongues of a multitude of voices dissatisfied with life… As a literary stylist, Chapman has both hands on the steering wheel, but we’re never quite sure when he’ll suddenly swerve over the double lines and send us flying through the guardrail.”
— January Magazine

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