Ain’t It Cool News Digs Like Father, Like Son!

Ain’t It Cool News Digs Like Father, Like Son!

I got my first review from Ain’t It Cool News for my Tales from Beyond the Pale radio play “Like Father, Like Son” and it’s a big ol’ thumbs up!

“…A story that would have made H.G. Lewis proud. …A gritty and dire story that most likelywill churn your stomach and make you twist with unease. …Fantastic voicework from Fessenden… The final grueling scenes are gory and splattery and all sorts of wrong and I loved every second of it.”

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September 20, 2013

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“A deeply eerie and evocative portrayal of what it's like to stare into the abyss and find something there waiting for you. A memorable, disquieting ghost story about stories, rendered inside a Möbius strip.”
— Kirkus

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