Hostage Song Takes the UK… um, well, Hostage

Hostage Song Takes the UK… um, well, Hostage

The reviews are in for the European premiere of our indie-rock musical HOSTAGE SONG and we're getting a solid thumbs up. Here are some kick-ass pull quotes:

“Raw performances draw the emotion and horror from a blunt, hard-hitting script… Clay McLeod Chapman’s writing gathers momentum and becomes increasingly brilliant, with dazzling poetic flashes. It also becomes increasingly gruesome as scenes flit imperceptibly between horrific reality and childlike fantasy.”—Everything Theatre. Four out of five stars. Read the review here:

“Clay McLeod Chapman’s script is fast-paced and full of satisfyingly dark humour… It’s a laugh a minute, but then the next a line comes along out of the blue and punches you right in the guts.”—A Younger Theatre. Read the review here:

“Hostage Song signifies progression in a fresh form of musical theatre… Clay McLeod Chapman’s harrowing book is eminently realistic.”—The Stage. Read the review here:

“Strong performance, exceptional writing and superb music make this an enjoyable show well worth watching – just don’t expect to come out smiling.”—The Public Reviews. Four out of five stars. Read the review here:

“The book by Chapman flicks between heartbreaking monologues from those nearest and dearest to the hostages and scenes of desperate role-play from a mesmerising Matus and Marshall… Hostage Song is not a musical for the faint hearted or for those with a more traditional disposition but if you like something with a little more meat on its bones and less jazz hands than your average musical then snap up a ticket before it’s too late.”—Bargain Theatreland. Read the review here:

“ intense experience which is constantly unsettling, often very upsetting, but also occasionally joyous and ultimately quite unique… It’s the painful personal memories recalled and small human touches woven into Clay McLeod Chapman’s book that ultimately make this work.”—Musical Theatre Review. Read the review here:

June 29, 2014

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“A deeply eerie and evocative portrayal of what it's like to stare into the abyss and find something there waiting for you. A memorable, disquieting ghost story about stories, rendered inside a Möbius strip.”
— Kirkus

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