Lazaretto Review Roundup

Lazaretto Review Roundup

The trade paperback for LAZARETTO came out this week, along with a whole new crop of rave reviews. Check out what the critics have been saying out our barfus opus:

Lazaretto has “some of the most terrifying things you will ever see in a comic… It is the most disturbing comic you will ever read.” Adventures In Poor Taste

“Unsettling, intense, nauseating, and ultimately “captivating”, Lazaretto spins its web-wide and well. But you need to be tough, with a strong will to withstand the full graphic wave of page after page of vividly rendered students, retching, turning into savages, and wreaking havoc all around. It’s colourful, this technocolour yawning of emotion, hate, and puke, all spilling onto everything.” Fanboy Factor

Lazaretto is “an absolutely terrifying psychological thriller.” The Comicon

Lazaretto is “a grotesque, hard hitting, horror story which gets under your skin, makes it crawl and finally makes you rip at it to remove it from your body.” Comic Cut Down

“Claustrophobic and disturbing.” Comic of the Week, Broken Frontier

December 22, 2018

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