New pix from Glass Eye’s Tales from Beyond the Pale!

New pix from Glass Eye’s Tales from Beyond the Pale!

Glass Eye Pix posted some great shots from opening night of "Tales from Beyond the Pale." The evening at Dixon Place was documented by filmmakers (and pals) Noah Greenberg and Craig Macneill, capturing our live performances of Joe Maggio's "Ram King" and my very own "Like Father, Like Son" with none other than Larry Fessenden and Vincent D'Onofrio starring.

Plus there are a few shots of me hosting my lil' heart out. Thanks, Noah and Craig. To see the full set of photos, click here:

There are three more evenings of bone-chilling "Tales from Beyond the Pale" coming up throughout October, so venture on out to see us!

October 5, 2012

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“In this season of unlikely musicals, on Broadway and off, Hostage Song may be the oddest of all… The tone of Hostage Song is both blunt and barbed. The show takes some risky comic flights of fancy but mostly plays it straight, telling a grim story with journalistic detail and understated compassion...”
— Charles Isherwood The New York Times

Hostage Song

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