Pumpkin Pie on Theatre Talk!

Pumpkin Pie on Theatre Talk!

Wanna see something really scary? Check out this interview with me and Timothy Haskell (“This Is Real”) on Theatre Talk. “Writer/performer Clay McLeod Chapman, creator of The Pumpkin Pie Show and producer/director Timothy Haskell, creator of Psycho Clan productions Nightmare New York Haunted House and the new live experience This Is Real join guest co-host Jason Zinoman and Theater Talk producer Susan Haskins-Doloff to discuss creating horror theater.” Thanks to Jason Zinoman and Susan Haskins-Doloff for having me on to wax about spooky theater!

October 30, 2017

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“Clay Chapman has a boatload of talent – he can riff in alliteration and make metaphors up there with William H. Gass – and the audacity to whip this lyrical, superpsycho road novel on us. Miss Corpus is a twisted, lovely, gushing, word-drunk debut.”
— Stewart O'Nan, author of Wish You Were Here

Miss Corpus

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