Iron Fist: Phantom Limb strikes!

Iron Fist: Phantom Limb strikes!

At San Diego Comic Con this last weekend, Marvel Comics announced the release of IRON FIST: PHANTOM LIMB… written by none other than yours truly and art by Guillermo Sanna. Lettered by Lee Loughridge. And check out the cover by Khoi Pham! To read the Newsarama announcement, click here. Paste Magazine was super-sweet to list the release as one of The Coolest Comic News of San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

Can't wait to share this crazy story arc with you all! It's going to be a doooozy. Chapters #1 and #2 will be released on October 3rd.

July 23, 2018


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Spider-Man gets Typhoid Fever

Spider-Man gets Typhoid Fever

Marvel just announced a new 3-part event series called TYPHOID FEVER! Guess who's writing it? I'm tackling one of the best, bad-assed baddies around: My queen Typhoid Mary! Here's what my editor Devin Lewis had to say:

“Typhoid Mary has one of the most dangerous powersets in the Marvel Universe – and writer Clay McLeod Chapman (EDGE OF VENOMVERSE) is determined to use those powers in ways we’ve never seen before. Pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and mind control… and that’s all in the first scene! Wait’ll you see what else Clay has planned, and what artist Stefano Landini has done with the script for TYPHOID FEVER: SPIDER-MAN!”

First up, we're putting Mary against none other than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! TYPHOID FEVER: SPIDER-MAN #1, written by Clay McLeod Chapman with art by Stefano Landini, hits shelves Oct 3!

To read more from Marvel about Typhoid Fever, click here. Comics Beat broke the story here, while Bleeding Cool and Newsarama also cover the announcement. Check it out!

July 18, 2018


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New comic BIRTHDAY BOY in Alterna horror anthology

New comic BIRTHDAY BOY in Alterna horror anthology

Just got word that BIRTHDAY BOY, a new short horror comic artist Jey Levang and myself put together, will be included in the annual IF Anthology! Thanks to the fine folks at Alterna Comics for including our creepy little tale in their annual collection. Can't wait!

The anthology hits shelves this November! Promise it'll be pretty out there…

June 3, 2018

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Review Roundup from the 2018 Overlook Film Fest

Review Roundup from the 2018 Overlook Film Fest

The Pumpkin Pie Show rose from the dead for a special run at this year's Overlook Film Festival. We brought new and old tales and our one-on-ones to New Orleans… and some lovely folks wrote nice things about it. Here's what they said:

“Another major staple thus far of the fest has been The Pumpkin Pie Show by creator, writer, and performer Clay McLeod Chapman (Co-writer of 2015’s The Boy). Described as a sort of Edgar Allan Poe for the modern age, Chapman is a storyteller like no other, relaying tales of terror from the seemingly mundane to Gothic monstrosities that pour out of him as if possessed from beyond.” —Bloody Disgusting

“A beautiful 20 minutes of human connection.” —Filmmaker Magazine

“What happens when you take a delightfully talented (and somewhat twisted) actor/writer who’s used to performing in packed theaters and give him an opportunity to entertain just one person at a time? Pure macabre magic. Sitting face-to-face with Clay McLeod Chapman alone on stage in New Orleans’ Le Petite Theater as he transforms in the span of 15 minutes from the nicest guy at the festival to a monster who may-or-may-not have just murdered his daughter is a stunningly eerie sight to see.” —No Proscenium

“The Pumpkin Pie Show: One-on-Ones proved to be a stunningly personal experience. As its name suggests, this performance was literally one actor with one audience member, an extremely limited experience during the festival. That actor is the incredibly versatile Clay McLeod Chapman, whose one-man show is entirely free of costumes, makeup, lighting, music, set pieces… or anything other than himself. And yet, it is completely immersive thanks to his brilliant storytelling skills. Armed with a variety of his own dark writings that bring to mind the classic tales of Edgar Allen Poe, Chapman transforms before participants’ eyes through his acting abilities alone, delivering a performance that’s impossible not to become entranced by.” —Inside the Magic

“There were too many other fun events, parties, and activities to list them all, but a quick mention for both Clay McLeod Chapman and his Pumpkin Pie live storytelling show, and for Grady Hendrix and his Paperbacks from Hell event. These guys are super talented and if you have a chance to see either one of them, don't miss it!” —Screen Anarchy

“Clay McLeod Chapman is a genius storyteller. Full stop. From performing in front of a large crowd, to intimate one-on-one performances, Clay’s ability to transport audiences deep into the heart of his stories is nothing short of remarkable.” Here's an interview with No Proscenium at the Overlook Film Festival where I talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and have no chin. Check it out here.

April 29, 2018

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16 Darkest Versions of Spider-Man

16 Darkest Versions of Spider-Man

Whoa! I just found out Comic Book Resources listed our Spider-Man redux #2 on their “16 Darkest Versions of Spider-Man” list. Me and Elia Bonetti created the second darkest Spider-Man ever in the whole wide world for our Edge of Spiderverse issue!

Here's what they had to say…

“In the 2014 miniseries, Edge of Spider-Verse, we saw alternate versions of Spider-Man characters and Edge of Spider-Verse #4 (Clay McLeod Chapman, Elia Bonett) was a horrific take on the Spider-Man origin. Instead of Peter Parker, it was Patton Parnell who lived with his cruel Uncle Ted instead of Aunt May and stalked his next-door neighbor, Sarah Jane. When he visited the labs of Alcorp Industries, he was bitten by an experimental spider.

If that sounds familiar, what happened next isn’t. Instead of turning into a superhero, Parnell started webbing and eating people, including his Uncle Ted. He bit Sarah Jane before turning into a monster that was drained by the vampiric Morlun. Instead of a happy ending, the next morning we saw hundreds of baby spiders coming out of Sarah Jane’s neck. Parnell was what Spider-Man would be like if he had been a monster.”

We're number two! We're number two!

April 25, 2018

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Funny Book Splatter

Funny Book Splatter

Thanks to Horror Talk for having me on as their guest for this week's Funny Book Splatter! You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

April 14, 2018

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The Pumpkin Pie Show rises in New Orleans!

The Pumpkin Pie Show rises! We have been resurrected for a special presentation at The Overlook Film Festival this April 19th-22nd. Brand new tales, some best ofs, and one-on-ones are all in store for those brave souls willing to head on down to New Orleans.

Click here to go to their website and check out the killer line-up of films.

Live Show: Creator, Writer, Performer: Clay McLeod Chapman

Author Clay McLeod Chapman is bringing BRAND NEW STORIES to the Overlook! The Pumpkin Pie Show has remained a staple of the fest – and this year they’re offering an even sweeter treat: original tales that have never been inflicted upon an audience anywhere. Flesh-eating bacteria, killer baby carrots and haunted comic books are all on the menu. These new campfire stories will be sure send a shiver up your spine. Hear them first before they’re unleashed upon the rest of the world!

Immersive Performance: Creator, Writer, Performer: Clay McLeod Chapman

A returning favorite from last year’s fest, please join author Clay McLeod Chapman as he takes one audience member at a time on a dark ride through this depraved, intimate storytelling experience. Think of it as a heart-to-bleeding-heart with madmen, murderers and monsters telling their own story. No fourth wall, no escape. First come, first serve. Sessions will last 20 minutes. Available exclusively for all-access pass holders.

Live Show: Creator, Writer, Performer: Clay McLeod Chapman

Come join us for an encore presentation of the best Pumpkin Pie Show stories from over the last 20 years. Author Clay McLeod Chapman will lead the audience through the back-catalogue of his personal favorite tales, offering a view into the sordid lives of Southern Gothic monstrosities that explore the domestic horrors of the everyday, finding terror within our own households. This is Edgar Allan Poe for the modern age, people.

March 28, 2018

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Baaarf! Review Roundup for Lazaretto #5!

Baaarf! Review Roundup for Lazaretto #5!

All grotesque things must come to an end. With our fifth and final issue of Lazaretto, we would like to say thanks to all the fine critics who were kind and considerate enough to review our mini-epic. Here's what folks had to say:

“As Chapman continues emotionally beating the hell out of you with the script, Jey Levang matches him stroke for stroke with the art choices. Levang’s deceptively delicate lines and washed out watercolor palette drew us into a false sense of security, before giving way to torqued layouts, skewed panels, blood, and sputum. By the end of this thing, you’ll want to wash your hands and bathe in hand sanitizer. Second thought, forget the sanitizer. Get out the bleach and Brillo pads.”—Comicon

“A face-peelingly awesome finale… Lazaretto is one of those rare things in the world of comics – a fascinating premise that actually manages to live up to its potential.”—Big Comic Page

“Lazaretto has been as emotional as it has been gross; as thought-provoking as it has been violent; and as visually stunning as it has been narratively structured.”—ComiConverse

Lazaretto “find(s) those beautiful and brilliant moments of authentic humanity in the midst of decay, decay and misery. There are not many authors capable of skillfully combining both aspects of human nature.”—Mundos Hipotecticos (Hypothetical Worlds)

“Chapman crafted the perfect epidemic story: incredibly believable and entirely fatalistic… You can’t read this book without craving a long hot shower and Purell. Unsettling. Timely. Great.”—The Oregonian

“Lazaretto #5 pulls no punches in a finale that is poignant and devastating in equal measure.”—Broken Frontier (review)

“Chapman sends us on a rollercoaster in this one… Any ending, good or bad, seeing these two characters and their bond was truly inspiring.”—Pop Break

Lazaretto is “full of dreamy watercolour violence and face-ripping.”—Women Write About Comics

“Both scary as hell and oddly, grimly optimistic in the end.”—UPROXX (This Week's Best New Comics)

“Lazaretto has topped itself with every subsequent chapter. It's only gotten more and more unsettling and insane. This finale is riveting and unbelievable… Lazaretto would give any clean freak nightmares for months. It's a disturbing journey that will make you want to bathe yourself in hand sanitizer after reading it.”—Horror Talk

Lazaretto “will play around with the reader’s emotions before they reach the shocking final pages.”—Villain Media

“This series has just been getting crazier and crazier with each issue.”—Rogues Portal Pull List

“What’s more disturbing than a roughly drawn madman pulling the skin off his face?”—Big Shiny Robot

“Chapman is a hell of a writer.”—Comics Heating Up (Pick of the Week)

“Lazaretto has been a mucus-splattered body horrorfest from start to finish.”—Broken Frontier's Staff Picks

Best Covers of the Week, VOl 215—Geek Rex

“Buy this Comic”—

Podcast Reviews:

The Crimson Cowl podast: “Not dinner-time reading.” (Click on at 40:45)

Smash N' Grab Comics (Click on at 35:00)

Serious Issues podcast (Click on at 01:32:00)

AB Conversation (Click on at 01:03:35)

Fellowship of the Geek (Pick of the Week)

Building up to his review of Lazaretto #5, Comiconverse's Daryll Robson put together a thorough examination of our icky series. “One of the best comics of 2017.” You can read his roundup here at his site The Comic Cutdown.

February 6, 2018

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SpectreVision on The Core!

SpectreVision on The Core!

The fine gentlemen at SpectreVision did a deep dive into their filmography in the latest episode of The Core, including our film The Boy. You can hear Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh Waller discuss genre as drama here, exclusively on Shudder.

January 1, 2018

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Best of 2017: Lazaretto-style!

Best of 2017: Lazaretto-style!

With 2017 (finally) behind us, we took a glance in the rear-view mirror and spotted Lazaretto cropping up on a few Top 10 lists. Not only… Members of our creative team either won or were nominated for their kick-assery. Check it:


#4: LAZARETTO: “With a clever title, writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Jey Levang examine a college where everybody is trying to find their own identity. In a terrifying twist, a deadly virus reveals the worst between men and women.”


“I’ve read so many different comics this year, but the one that has stood out for me this year has to be Clay McLeod Chapman and Jey Levang’s Lazaretto. The story is a cross between Lord of the Flies meets Contagion, allowing you to feel claustrophobic, disgusted and extremely uncomfortable, but that’s the point! Chapman and Levang keep you invested in the characters and their journey to keep reading. They create a scenario that’s horrifying and can very well happen but twists it. You never knew what steps anyone will take to the series. You never know what these humans will do. This comic completely puts you on edge and allows you to come into a great story, but also skeeves you out in the best ways. Chapman doesn’t hold back with his college narrative that’s a little slice of life underneath, and Levang doesn’t hold back with how sickening he can make it look.”


Aditya Bidikar received the 2017 Broken Frontier Award for Best Letterer on his work for Lazaretto, Paradiso and Kid Lobotomy. Congratulations, Aditya!

(Also a huge congrats to illustrator Jey Levang for being nominated in the Breakout Talent category for their work on Lazaretto. Much deserved!)


What creators weren’t on your radar before 2017, that you are fans of now?

“Clay McLeod Chapman (“Lazaretto”): This is a total cheat, I know, but… Jey Levang. It wasn’t until our editor, Eric Harburn, suggested them for “Lazaretto” that I got my hands on a copy of their indie-comic HELL(P) and I was totally smitten from that point on. I will follow Jey in whatever they do next and pray we get to work together again. I’m a complete convert.”

Thanks to everyone who picked up our little icky comic… We couldn't have done it without you! And don't forget: One more issue to go! Pick up #5 at the end of the month to see how it all wraps up. It ain't gonna be pretty.

January 1, 2018

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Hyulch! Review Roundup for Lazaretto #4!

Hyulch! Review Roundup for Lazaretto #4!

Just in time for Christmas, Issue #4 of LAZARETTO hits the shelves… Here's what the critics have been saying:

“Chapman is really starting to tighten the screws… Jey Levang gradually dials up the decay… The imagery makes you want to reach for the nearest bottle of hand sanitizer, then strip naked and bathe in it… Lazaretto is an especially unnerving piece of survival horror that unapologetically pokes holes in our false sense of security.”—Comicon

“This series is the chronicling of an evolving fever dream disaster, a slow sink into madness, depravity and sickness rendered in disturbing pencils and soaked by heaps upon heaps of blood.”—The Oregoneon

“Everything looks dirty and disease-ridden, with sickly greens and browns punctuated by splashes of crimson helping to make a thoroughly disgusting aesthetic… There’s no denying that Lazaretto has been one of the most impressive BOOM! Studios books of 2017.”—Big Comic Page

“One of our favorite new comic titles of 2017… This issue alone built up the intensity like crazy.”— The Pop Break

“Clay McLeod and Jay Levang’s disintegration of a college dorm and the students trapped within has become the back bone of one of my favourite comics of the year… I would recommend reading this on an empty stomach. Levang’s art work will make you shudder and potentially retch.”—Comic Cut Down

“A bone-chilling read, Lazaretto #4 (BOOM Studios) will undoubtedly freak out readers as they get an unflinching glimpse at body horror. A wickedly imaginative blend of zombie movies and Lord of the Flies…”—Villain Media

“Lazaretto remains disgusting, beautiful and scary.” (In German!)—Dragons Eat Everything

“Lazaretto #4 is a remarkable comic.” (In Greece!)—Comicdom

A “Rogues Portal Pull List” pick—Rogues Portal

A “Comic Pick of the Week”—Comics Heating Up

December 23, 2017

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Pop Break Bursts Lazaretto’s Bubble

Pop Break Bursts Lazaretto’s Bubble

I got sick and totally barfed all over The Pop Break during this interview about LAZARETTO… or did I? You'll just have to read and find out for yourself, won't you? Check out the interview here.

November 27, 2017

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Blech! Lazaretto #3 Review Roundup!

Blech! Lazaretto #3 Review Roundup!

The raves keep coming! Lazretto #3 is our best reviewed issue yet. Here's what folks are saying…

“Lazaretto is an unnerving and heart-breaking experience that plays upon the tropes of the quarantine stories and its endearing characters to craft a truly absorbing tale. It’s existentially terrifying, and I highly recommend it to anyone who can stomach it. It’s a masterfully crafted social horror story.”—Bleeding Cool

“Shocking, harrowing and utterly captivating… It’s great to see Chapman and Levang working together so seamlessly to deliver their deeply uncomfortable vision…”—Big Comic Page

“Chapman has written a very tight, fear inducing script which draws the reader in and traps them there with the characters. He creates a world that no-one would want to be a part of but makes it almost impossible to walk away from. Add to this the wonderfully disturbing artwork and you have in your hands an infectious, stomach churning comic unlike anything currently on the shelf.”—ComiConverse

Lazaretto “will tear your heart out.”—The Pop Break

“Jey’s eye for storytelling is pretty amazing to me. The use of page layouts with their angles, perspective and those backgrounds really bring this to life. It’s so strong that it takes your breath away.”—Reading With A Flight Ring

Lazaretto is “downright scary.”—Pop Culture Uncovered

“Levang just creates this lurid, jittery world with inks and colors that seems claustrophobic, hectic and nightmarish. Impressively, frighteningly effective.”—Oregon Live

Lazaretto is “like we’re inside a living hallucinatory dream.”—Villain Media

“What keeps Clay McLeod Chapman and Jey Levang’s story from cheese is the very human and real friendship between a closeted gay man and a terrified young woman at its center.”—Uproxx (This Week's Best Comics)

“A claustrophobic story… Top notch and rather creepy since it could really happen.—Graphic Policy (Top Comic Pick of the Week)

Issue #4 will be on the shelves on December 27th. Two days after Christmas! Pinch those pennies and bring them to the comic store!

November 7, 2017

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Pumpkin Pie on Theatre Talk!

Pumpkin Pie on Theatre Talk!

Wanna see something really scary? Check out this interview with me and Timothy Haskell (“This Is Real”) on Theatre Talk. “Writer/performer Clay McLeod Chapman, creator of The Pumpkin Pie Show and producer/director Timothy Haskell, creator of Psycho Clan productions Nightmare New York Haunted House and the new live experience This Is Real join guest co-host Jason Zinoman and Theater Talk producer Susan Haskins-Doloff to discuss creating horror theater.” Thanks to Jason Zinoman and Susan Haskins-Doloff for having me on to wax about spooky theater!

October 30, 2017

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Pumpkin Pie in Time Out NY!

Pumpkin Pie in Time Out NY!

Helen Shaw at Time Out New York gave us a lovely send-off for the Pumpkin Pie Show:

“A sound rips out from the downtown theater scene, a scream of fear and denial and shock. But is there something else in it? Can you make out—a name? That name is Clay McLeod Chapman, and every storytelling junkie in New York has just realized something awful: After 20 years, Chapman is abdicating his reign as the king of narrative horror theater. His brilliant and hyperliterary thriller series, the Pumpkin Pie Show, performed without a set or costumes by the writer and select solo actors, has been blowing minds every fall since 1996. But Chapman has finally decided he’s done. “The city’s changing,” he says. “I can try to survive another 10 years or put it to bed.”

It feels like an untimely end. But happily, final frights are in store: a three-week run of Death to the Pumpkin Pie Show at Under St. Mark’s, where Chapman and his crew—including barnstorming dynamo Hanna Cheek—are reviving some of their favorite tales from the past two decades. On Thursdays, Cheek performs 2009’s Commencement, a Rashomon-style piece about a school shooting—a difficult, beautiful work that has little in common with the goofball escapism of other PPS shows. Fridays are devoted to 2014’s Seasick, a gross-out comedy featuring songs by Kyle Jarrow; Saturdays are a grab bag, with Cheek and Chapman drawing at random from a repertoire of roughly five dozen tales. Help yourselves to a few more slices of Pie, everybody! Before it’s all gone.”

You can read the profile at Time Out NY here.

October 28, 2017

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Interview with Comicon!

Interview with Comicon!

Check out this interview I did for Lazaretto #3 at Comicon… It comes with a super-sweet sneak peak at Jey Levang's ooey-gooey artwork! The new issue comes out next week, on 11/1, so get ready to get icky!

Read the interview here. “‘Society Is One Sneeze Away From Collapse’ – Clay McLeod Chapman On His Viral Miniseries, Lazaretto.” Thank you, Comicon!

October 26, 2017

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Ick! Lazaretto #2 Review Roundup!

Ick! Lazaretto #2 Review Roundup!

Like a bad cold that won't go away, the positive reviews for LAZARETTO keep dribbling in. Here's what folks have to say about issue #2…

“Chapman uses dark humor to poke at college tropes like class hierarchy, pseudo authority figures, drug culture and libertine sexual attitudes, all of which combine to create a dark and deadly environment… Jey Levang's art (is) creepy as hell.”—Comicon

“A terrifying read, Lazaretto #2 (BOOM! Studios) will frighten readers to the core with its chilling vision of body horror and terror. An ingenious take on zombie movies and Lord of the Flies… Chapman’s thought-provoking social commentary will resonate with readers after they finish reading.”—Villian Media

“You can practically feel the virus seeping through each page… Lazaretto will make you want to wash your hands.”— Horror Talk

“Chapman takes the reader into a dark, unpleasant place as he picks away at modern society. Not for the faint of heart, Lazaretto is unapologetic about its disturbing content and refuses to shy away for the degradation of the human spirit… Lazaretto will make you queasy in more ways than one but it is an exceptional example of horror as social commentary.”—ComiConverse

“A stomach-churning body horror hit… With Levang’s wicked imagination promising more shock, gore, effluvia and horror this is a series that bears serious watching.”—Broken Frontier (Staff Picks 10/11/17)

Lazaretto is “claustrophobic in all the right ways.”—Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

“What Clay is doing here is pretty awesome… A strong premise with excellent characterization.”—Reading with a Flight Ring

“Chapman and Jey Levang tell the story of a viral apocalypse through the eyes of college kids who either don’t understand, or are too afraid to grasp, just what’s happening. So instead they throw a party. Really, wouldn’t you?”—Uproxx (Best New Comics list 10/11/17)

Have you picked up this ooey-gooey comic yet? You should… Don't forget the hand sanitizer!

October 17, 2017

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Just in time for the release of LAZARETTO #2, the fine folks at have done an interview with yours truly… I dare you to try and count how many times I say “kind of” in here. Go on. I dare you.

Read the interview here: “My God, I Can't Believe What We've Done: 5 Questions About Lazaretto With Writer Clay McLeod Chapman.”

October 12, 2017

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New York Comic Con Takeover

Oh my. Oh my goodness. New York Comic Con is coming up and I'm going to be making a lot of appearances. This is insanity right here.

First up, as a pre-game NYCC warmup, on Wednesday, October 4th, the folks at Forbidden Planet are hosting their awesome Annual In-Store Signing Jam. I'll be there with a whole bunch of other kick-ass creators to sign comics. Pick up your copy of LAZARETTO #1 and I'll sneeze on it!

I'll be kicking it at the BOOM! Studios booth (#1828) on Thursday, October 5th, from 3 to 4 PM, to sign copies of LAZARETTO #1… and maybe, just maybe, some exclusive surprises. Sssh. Bring hand-sanitizer!

But that's not all! In honor of the release of the SELF STORAGE paperback graphic novel, I'll be at the 451 booth (#444) all weekend! Come check me out on Thursday (10/5) from NOON-1 PM, Friday (10/6) from 4:30-5:30 PM, Saturday (10/7) from 3-4 PM, and Sunday (10/8) from 11AM-NOON!

Come in Lazaretto/Self Storage cos play and I will kiss you. On the mouth.

September 29, 2017

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Aah Chooo! Lazaretto #1 Review Roundup!

Aah Chooo! Lazaretto #1 Review Roundup!

The reviews are in for issue #1 of Lazaretto and by all accounts it's the grossest, craziest, freaky-deakiest thing you'll ever read. But don't take my word for it! Check out what these folks had to say…

“A masterclass in pacing and characterization… capable of shocking the reader out of their complacency.”—Broken Frontier

“A gripping and horrifying opening chapter of what promises to be one hell of a new series.”—Big Comic Page

“Leaves you holding your breath and gasping for air… Utterly brilliant.”—

“Chapman brings his unique writing style to something so completely different. A must-read for every comic book fan.”—Outright Geekery

“Chapman delivers a well-timed script that is every freshman and parent’s worst nightmare.”—

“I found every page to be oozing with compelling details and mile-high tension.”—Multiversity Comics

Lazaretto is “violent, bloody, and disturbingly horrific.”—ComicConVerse

“An excellent mix of horror, suspense, and a bit of the college melting pot.”—Graphic Policy

Lazaretto “will make an agoraphobic out of you… you'll want to take a shower immediately after reading it.”—Horror Talk

Lazaretto is “like when you realize what sending the family dog to live on a farm really meant.”—Nerdspan

Lazaretto is “about people finding themselves as individuals as well as society as they band together to survive.”—OmniComic

“Simply extraordinary… Everything you want from an opening issue and more.”—

“Jey Levang's art manages to communicate both delicate human emotion and flat-out grossness with equal aplomb. It’s a fascinating idea, off to a great start.”—Uproxx

“Relatable characters and art that matches the book’s harrowing tone have set the stage for a disaster story with a horror slant.”—Geekery Magazine

“Definitely thumbs up, but don’t eat before reading.”—Biff Bam Pop!

“Grotty” becomes “literally blood-smeared, violent, ambulant plague-carrier.” This is issue one of five, so if you like a good epidemic panic story, get it in now for some autumn-winter monthly fun.”— Women Write About Comics

“The issue has a wonderfully smooth flow thanks to the strong writing. Each character in the issue has a clearly defined personality… The dialogue is a highlight and keeps the story moving along. The art style has a great human, analog look to it.”— Comics Crusaders

“Like some sort of weird horror movie it also reads a lot like a Micheal Crichton novel… This combination makes for some stellar reading that will thrill, entertain and amaze readers.”—Reading with a Flight Ring

“Chapman [succeeds] in creating a feeling of isolation in a sea of people. The overwhelming demands on time and involvement for a person trying to figure out who they are and want to be are wonderfully captured.”—Geeks Worldwide

“Chapman introduces this flu slowly but assuredly, like a good horror movie. You know it’s coming, but you’re at the stage where you’re simply paying attention to the details until the other shoe drops. Given how lazy, irresponsible, and immature freshmen college kids are it’s no wonder a terrible flu takes hold of the school. Chapman writes this in such a way that’s believable.”—Adventures in Poor Taste

...And that's just a taste! Honestly, you should just pick up #1 and judge for yourself. Issue #2 hits the shelves October 11th!

September 24, 2017

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“A deeply eerie and evocative portrayal of what it's like to stare into the abyss and find something there waiting for you. A memorable, disquieting ghost story about stories, rendered inside a Möbius strip.”
— Kirkus

Scream: Curse of Carnage #8

Books: Scream: Curse of Carnage #8