Starred review for WHISPER!

Starred review for WHISPER!

Publishers Weekly in their divine wisdom bestowed my new novel WHISPER DOWN THE LANE with a hallowed star review and I couldn’t be more gobsmacked! They went on to say such nice things as calling the book a “spellbinding psychological thriller… a suspenseful tale of paranoia that will keep readers riveted until the last surprise is sprung.” I can’t wait for you to read this one! On shelves April 2021.

November 19, 2020

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“The filmmakers take on this fascinating subject is not only bold and honest, it is also utterly hilarious, thanks mostly to the deliciously creepy voice-over work of screenwriter Chapman. ...Chapman sounds like a deranged poet who's clearly spent too much time studying that other Lovecraft while in the asylum. His fevered hysteria... rivals that of the great Gene Wilder for sheer simulated delirium, a true spectacle indeed. ”
Film Threat

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