The Reviews Are In For WHISPER!

The Reviews Are In For WHISPER!

Whisper Down the Lane doesn’t hit the shelves for another three weeks but already the reviews have been rolling in. Check out what wonderful things these fine folks have to say…

“[A] spellbinding psychological thriller…a suspenseful tale of paranoia that will keep readers riveted until the last surprise is sprung.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Chapman’s latest is a full-throttle, twisty (and twisted) horror mystery… This clever, creepy roller-coaster ride is perfect for fans of fast-paced horror with the flavor of true crime.” –Library Journal

“Chapman’s deeply unsettling and unputdownable latest… Creepy and engaging, this is a tale for readers who enjoy true crime like We Believe the Children by Richard Beck (2015), horror like Grady Hendrix’s My Best Friend’s Exorcism (2016), and intensely disorienting psychological suspense like Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin (2017).”—Booklist

“...a wild, uncertain, and profoundly uncomfortable read.” –Rue Morgue Magazine

Whisper Down the Lane “echo(es) the emotional intensity of our age” and “provides a slow motion car crash suspense, a growing sense of dread.” –Nightmare Magazine

“A profoundly psychological type of horror.” –Cultured Vultures

“Chapman is a maestro at building grim suspense to the point of unimaginable consequences, proving genuine horror dwells in the world we live in today.”—Mystery and Suspense Magazine

“Chapman writes in an unadorned manner and with a sharp eye toward the underside of American popular culture. This is a novel sure to please those who love horror and mysteries, plus it is a nice mixture of classic and modern thrillers.” – New York Journal of Books

“Devilishly good. In Whisper Down the Lane, Clay McLeod Chapman has given us a diabolically creepy hybrid of horror and psychological suspense that thrills as much as it unsettles. You’ll keep turning the pages even as your hands shake.”—Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of Home Before Dark

“In Whisper Down the Lane, Clay McLeod Chapman has gifted readers a novel that is darkly compelling, deeply discomfiting, and achingly human. We squirm as the dread and terror mount, but we can’t stop reading. We’re under the spell of a true storyteller, and bound to follow him wherever he takes us. Prepare to surrender some sleep for this twisting tale of family, memory, identity, and the weight of old sins.”—Shaun Hamill, author of A Cosmology of Monsters

“A ruthlessly compelling novel, where two stories close on each other like a claw - a truly diabolical nightmare that daylight can’t dispel - all the more terrifying for what it tells us of ourselves.” – Ramsey Campbell, Author of The Wise Friend and The Searching Dead

“A beguiling page-turner brimming with dread, Whisper Down the Lane is diabolical fun.”—Rachel Harrison, author of The Return and Cackle

“Chapman’s latest allows us to deal with horrors we don’t often get to see depicted like this. The horror of our past selves, the horror of guilt and consequence, the power of a mass delusion. Terrifying, sad, and even a tiny dash hopeful. I loved it.”—Adam Cesare, author of Clown in a Cornfield and Video Night

“Scary, compelling, heartbreaking, Whisper Down the Lane dredges our generation’s collective past and turns up the worst monsters of all: us. A fantastic read.”—Andy Davidson, author of The Boatman’s Daughter

“I waltzed into Whisper Down the Lane confident that I wasn’t going to let a little Satanic Panic get to me. Instead I fearfully devoured chapter after chapter….Chapman’s 80s-inspired horror will crawl under your skin and shake you silly, and you’ll like it.”—Molly Pohlig, author of The Unsuitable

Whisper Down the Lane is a twisting maze of deadly secrets and dark, dangerous shadows. A nail-biting exercise of psychological terror…I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Clay McLeod Chapman has outdone himself.”—Richard Chizmar, author of Chasing the Boogeyman

Whisper Down the Lane is a brilliant nightmare. Chapman will ensnare you in a terrifying web deftly woven with lies, good intentions, childhood fears and local hysteria. From the very first chapter, you’ll be caught.”—Mallory O’Meara, best-selling author of The Lady from the Black Lagoon

March 15, 2021

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“A deeply eerie and evocative portrayal of what it's like to stare into the abyss and find something there waiting for you. A memorable, disquieting ghost story about stories, rendered inside a Möbius strip.”
— Kirkus

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